Corporate Sponsorships Available

Do you know someone who owns a business? NBS has opportunities for businesses to advertise to our community while supporting local families. Advertising possibilities range from the billboard to fence signs to business listings on our website. Check out these sponroship levels below.

Signs in the gym advertise at all home indoor sporting events and during summer tournaments. Members of the community also rent our gym at various times

Sponsorship Levels

Two specific sponsorship levels are available, plus several special sponsorships and additional options.

Gold Package – $600
This sponsorhip includes advertisement in all NBS programs, on our website, in our gym, at the golf tournament, and one slot on the I-20 digital billboard on our property. It’s a great opportunity for businesses to spread their names in the community.

Blue Package – $350
This sponsorship includes adverstisement in all programs, on our website, and in our gym. At a smaller price, this opens the opportunity for smaller businesses to advertise amongst our community.

Special Sponsorships
Additional options include signs on the fence and at the golf tournament.

Additional Options
If a business a special request, contact Candi Martin ( Pricing varies for additional options, but we’re always happy to entertain new advertising ideas.


Printable Corporate Sponsorship Form

Sponsorship packages

Sponsorships Help Students

NBS families who take these flyers to businesses and solitict a sponsorship receive 10% of the sponsorship credited towards any balance owed to NBS. This includes tuition, electives, sports, lunchroom, apparel, and childcare. Just one $600 sponsorship can cover a lunch form or an elective. Two at this level can cover sport fees. Seven of them covers a month’s tuition.

These sponsorships are available throughout the year. Forms can be picked up in the office. Contact Candi Martin ( with any questions.

Outside the elementary building, fence signs advertise everyday during drop off and pick up.