Local Church Sponsors NBS

First West Thrift Store, a ministry of First Baptist Church of West Monroe, serves the Monroe/West Monroe communities by selling discounted household items to anyone who shops at the thrift store. Locals donate anything they no longer need, and the staff at the thrift store take care to sort through what items are able to be resold at a reasonable price. Sales from these items are used to support ministries.

Each year, the thrift store chooses a day to sponsor NBS, and all net sales from that day support the school. This is a fantastic opportunity for NBS families and friends to help the school. You can shop for needs or you can pick out Christmas gifts, all while helping your school.

This year’s NBS Sponsorship Day is November 16. Help us make this the best sponsorship day in our history.

Thrift Store Located in Downtown West Monroe

The thrift store is located on Stella/Mill Street in downtown West Monroe, across from First West‘s sanctuary. On Thursday, the store is open from 9 AM through 6 PM.

Calendar Events

This event is listed on the NBS calendar along with other upcoming events. Watch for school, community, and other important events coming soon.