Sponsor a Student

Investing in the Future One Student at a Time

Christian education makes an eternal difference, but this investment stretches some families beyond what they are able to provide. Our society demands multi-job households just to provide life’s basic necessities. NBS provides an opportunity to sponsor a student whose family needs help providing their children with Christian education. Some families only need occasional help, but others need consistent aid to provide this huge benefit to their children. You can be part of this by partnering with NBS as we invest in future generations.

Why Sponsor a Student?

Very few things make a difference the way a Christian education can. This biblical worldview teachs students from a Christian foundation and equips them with necessary skills to grow into productive adults. Training begins with NBS’s 3 year oldĀ  students and continues through high school seniors, but as society’s prices continue to rise, not every family can afford this valuable cornerstone for their children.

Sometimes struggles are short-term and a small donation for a month or two will help a family through a crisis. Other struggles last longer, but are just as vital. Children need a chance to succeed beyond their limited circumstances, and you can be God’s minister for this purpose.

Some specific situations where families have needed help in the past include:

  • Grandparents raising their grandchildren
  • Medical problems that increase monthly bills and decrease monthly income
  • Seasonal or weather affected jobs
  • Single-parent families
  • Multiple children in one household

How to Sponsor a Student

Everyone is welcome to sponsor a student. At any time, send donations to the school earmarked for “student sponsor.” Donations can be mailed to the school, hand delivered to the business manager, or sent online. Contact Lee Anne Womack (lwomack@nbs.school) with any questions. Please provide your email address if you need a donation letter for tax purposes.

Make a monthly or quarterly pledge or send a single donation. Each of these helps increase the funds available when families have a need.