September 19-21 Spiritual Emphasis Chapel Meetings

Prepare for God to move through NBS and change lives. During our 30th year celebration, we are focusing on who God is and what He is doing. As He actively draws lost souls to Him, He simultaneously draws His children into a closer relationship.

On September 19-21, NBS will have a special speaker, Luke Hockenjos, presenting his testimony, and he will share how God continues to work in his life. Starting at 8:40 AM each day, we invite parents to join their students during this spiritual emphasis week.

Speaker – Luke Hockenjos

An evangelist with Give ’em Jesus ministires, Luke Hockenjos travels around the world telling people how Jesus pulled him out of a sinful life, cleansed him, and prepared him for a godly purpose. In 2014, God redeemed him through the Gospel. He wants to share this redemptive message with everyone and hopes they will choose life too.

Alongside his wife, Olivia, he speaks to audiences across the globe. The Give ’em Jesus ministry also provides Bibles to individuals in the USA, Canda, Tokyo, and Kenya, and the ministry donates to people’s physical needs through disastor relief and benevolence donations.

To read more about this ministry’s work, visit the Give ’em Jesus website.