Support NBS Football Players and Cheerleaders

Do you drink sodas, water, fruit drinks, or sports drinks? The NBS football team and cheerleaders are selling these drinks to raise money for their sports. Each team member is trying to sell at least 10 cases, and you can help. If you know the football players or cheerleaders, you can contact them directly to place an order. Also, you can bring your order to Candi Martin in the office and let her know which sport you would like to support.

Orders are due by September 15. You can print the Athletic Fundraiser Order Form here. Contact Candi Martin (318-325-2077; if you have any questions.

How Your Order Helps

These teams travel to home and away games, and the coaches like to supply a pre-game meal to the athletes as often as possible. These meals are covered by fundraisers and donations received throughout the year. These monetary donations also provide transportation to and from games. The school owns two vans, and this provides funds for fuel and routine maintenance. Yet, with the size of these two teams, a third van is often needed. Renting vans isn’t cheap, and your orders help ensure that teams are able to rent the third van.


Every few years, football must recondition equipment and purchase new equipment to keep the players as safe as possible while during plays. Even small items such as mouthpieces continue to increase in price. Fundraisers just like this one help keep sport enrollment fees down while also supplying sufficient funds to cover vital equipment.


Fees for this sport are the hightest of any. In addition to their sport fees, uniforms, and camp, our cheerleaders enter a yearly competition. Fundraisers and donations fully fund this competition. This includes entrance fees, hotels, and transportation. If enough is raised, it also covers meals.