Learning Skills for Life

Not everyone is athletic, but that’s no reason to avoid learning sports skills. In fact, many of these skills correlate directly to the Christian life. Through Paul’s writing, the Lord laid out how the Christian life is reflected in a race. This godly life requires endurance. It necessitates rejecting anything that is holding us back.

Beginning in October, the lower school PE classes will be learning the basic skills of soccer. This will include the footwork involved in moving the ball with your feet and the rules of the game. K3 through K5 will focus more on enjoying the sport, allowing the students to get the feel of using their feet to pass the ball to each other. The rest of elementary will focus on varying levels of the sport.

Playing any sport increases hand-eye coordination, and this is especially helpful in every aspect of life. The running that soccer players do builds endurance and flexibility. Plus the students will increase their attention to detail as they practice watching the ball move across the field and attempt to intercept it. Growing together as a team improves relationship through life, and this is a perfect place to begin.

PE Coach

Thomas McBroom began playing soccer while in junior high and continued through high school. His specifc positions include left-mid, sweeper, and stopper. While at West Monroe, his coach prepared him to tackle challenges, and he was selected three times for the all-district team in District 2-5A. In his junior year, he was selected as the Defensive MVP out of 2-5A.

He’s excited to pass along his love for soccer and hopes the students will develop their personal skills alongside their team skills. The technical aspects of soccer helped him improve in other sports and to pay closer attention to life’s lessons.