9th-11th Report Cards

Another year sped by, and it’s time to receive your student’s high school end-of-year report card. Beginning at 10 AM on May 22, you may pick them up at the front office. The office will be open 8-4 on weekdays.

High School Awards

High School received their awards and recognitions at the Formal Banquet on May 6. This year’s theme, “Winter Wonderland,” let us imagine cold weather when the heat of summer started early. Among the fun awards presented that night, we also presented the yearly Mr. and Miss NBS awards.

These prestigious awards start by evaluating each Junior and Senior who has attened NBS for two years or more. Grades, Christian conduct, leadership skills, and NBS involvement all help narrow the field of nominees. After listing those nominated for the awards, fellow students vote for their friends to represent the school as Mr. and Miss NBS. This year’s winners were Junior Joseph Poulin and Senior Connie Joy Sanders-Toston.