Mission Trip Report on Sunday, August 13


At the end of July, a mission team flew to Berlin, Germany to help local congregations make connections in the neighborhood. With lively music, lead by Mason Granade and the Germany 2023 Band and by Big Al Cherry, the team drew large crowds ready to enjoy the rhythm the rest of the team shared invitations to Jesus. This opened the door for leaders from the local congregations to build friendships with the audience.

Big Al Cherry


Excited about this opportunity to share Jesus, Big Al joined the music team and lead numerous worship sessions. He has a huge heart for the Lord, and this showed in every moment of his music. Because his popularity stretches across the globe, hundreds of people stopped to video his songs. Then they shared these videos across their own social media pages.

Celebrate with Us


This team knew they were going to share in Germany, but they didn’t realize how far this impact might run. Now they want to share about their journey with you. On August 13 at 5 PM join us in the NBS auditorium for a celebration service. The music teams, including Big Al, will perform. Team members will give testimonies of God working right before their eyes. Watch videos of the great work accomplished, and come prepared to enjoy finger foods after the service.

The ministry team will share some of their favorite songs from the trip. Come prepared for a blessing.

Our principal’s husband, Woods Watson, went with this team and enjoyed a great opportunity to share his love for the Lord with people from many nations. He will be among those present on Sunday to share testimony of the trip.